About me

(this is not my current look, but i really like these photos lol)

My name is Luís Coutinho and I am from Aveiro, Portugal.

I have been a Full Stack Web Developer since 2011 and have been working remotely since 2016.

Mainly I work with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. But I also have a lot of experience with Git, Docker, MQTT and InfluxDB.

I’ve managed teams of 1 to 10 people, including people working remotely, in different countries, continents and time zones.

I like challenging projects, namely those that can have a healthy impact on the world and on people.

If you have an open source or volunteer project, or simply need a mentor to help you grow in the world of programming, I will be happy to help you, free of charge, depending on my availability.

As a Freelancer I am available to do small jobs for a fair fee, per project or hour.

If you are interested in hiring me or just chatting for a while, feel free to contact me through my LinkedIn profile.

https://luiscoutinho.pt is owned by Luís Coutinho with the tax number 260 340 677 and headquartered at Rua Conselheiro Nunes da Silva 35, 3800-538 Aveiro, Portugal.